A complete Digital Marketing Strategies for Entrepreneurs

Do you want to build a sales funnel? Foster connections with customers on social media to sell your products.
There are billions of prospect waiting to be tapped by you at social media like, Google+, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,  Pinterest,  Instagram, etc.
You can lead those prospects to your website; that will be set up with a sales funnel, which means customers will be spending more money with you.

If you already running digital campaigns but don't know how to club it together and yield results, join in training with the top digital marketing strategy expert available. This training course is designed for those who are looking for acquiring essential digital knowledge that will give you confidence to plan, predict, and manage your digital marketing campaigns in complete way.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Find latest trends & skillsets necessary for today's marketers
  • Explore different channels to exploit marketing capabilities
  • Manage different digital assets for your marketing needs
  • Create, and Manage Your Own Digital Marketing Campaigns
  • Advertise Your Products And Services Online Effectively
  • Boost Traffic and Increase Sales to Your Website

Who Should Attend?

Marketing Managers & Executives

Professionals seeking increased confidence and a more rounded understanding of digital or get more out of their digital channels.

Career Changers

Traditional marketers who want to fast-track their marketing career or seeking an exciting career in a creative and analytical industry.


Students who want to gain knowledge on Digital Marketing & increase their job opportunities into a competitive and fast changing industry.

Directors, Heads of Talent & Entrepreneurs

Anybody who is responsible for developing or implementing organization’s online strategy, aiming to upgrade their digital talent.


Would you like to get a certificate from (Digital Marketing drive)?
If you are looking for growth through knowledge, you are at right place.
We will assists you in acquiring a thorough understanding of subject.

Course Outline and Logistics

Digital Marketing Strategies

Introduction to Digital Marketing Strategies

Sales Funnel Model

What is Sales Funnel?
Stages of the Sales Funnel
Perfect Front-End Product     
Adding a Product via Frontend
Crafting an Effective Upselling Offer
Crafting an Effective Downselling Offer
Crafting a 2nd and 3rd Upsell
Crafting a Backend Offering  
Great Sales Funnel Examples
How To Write Effective Sales Follow Up Emails
The Step By Step Process To Building Sales Funnel On JVZoo

Closing the Sales Funnel

Closing the Sales Funnel
Follow Up To Build Client Relationships
Follow Up The Sales

Why Does Your Business Need Branding?

A Guide To Branding Your Small Business
Why Your Company Needs a Clear, Written Mission Statement
Importance of Logos in Business
Brand promotion
The Secret To Faithfully Delivering On Your Brand Promise
Characteristics Of Successful Brands

Effective Email Marketing Strategies

Drive Traffic to Your Website with Email
Getting Started Email Marketing
Email Marketing Challenges & How To Overcome Those Challenges
Content Marketing: Guide to Producing Engaging Email Content
Email Marketing Industry Standards
How to Avoid Email Spam Filter
Keep Email Marketing Lists Clean and Fresh
How to Generate and Close More Leads With Email Marketing

A Beginner's Guide To Affiliate Marketing

Introduction To Affiliate Marketing
Essentials of Affiliate Marketing
Best Affiliate Marketing Promotional Methods
Business Strategies
Drive Incremental Sales Through Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing Success Stories

Take a Crash Course in PPC Advertising

Introduction to PPC
Inner workings of search
Understanding the Anatomy of Search
Understanding Business Goals
Creating Campaign - Selecting Right Type
Geographical Targeting Settings
Setting Your Campaign Budget, Bid Strategy
Ad Delivery Preferences
Campaign Scheduling Options
Conversion Tracking
Keyword Jargon, Match Types
What are Negative Keywords
How to Structure Your Campaigns

CPA Marketing Strategies

What is Google AdWords?
Adwords Keyword Tool/Planner
Adwords Setting up Campaign
Structuring Ad Groups and Campaigns
Creating Relevant Ads For Ad Groups
Setting Up Your AdWords Billing
Understanding Ad Rank, How to calculate
Quality Score of Landing Pages
Navigating The AdWords Dashboard
How To Edit, Pause And Enable Keywords, Ad Groups and Campaigns
Return On Investment (ROI) vs. Return On Ad Spend (ROAS): Important Distinction
How To Mathematically Calculate ROI
Campaign and Optimization

Social Media Strategy To Grow Your Business

Introduction to Social Media
How to Get More Followers, Fans, and Likes to Increase Your Social
Effective Social Best Practices for Business

Facebook Marketing Strategies

Introduction to Facebook
How Does Facebook Work? - A Basic Overview
How To Increase Your Facebook Followers
FB for Business Best Practices: Adapt or Die
Ways to Use Facebook Groups for Business
Facebook Influencer Marketing
FBO Facebook (Marketing) Optimization

Google+ Marketing

Introduction to Google+
How Does Google+ Work?  A Basic Overview
How To Increase Your Google+ Followers
Google+ for Business Best Practices
Ways to Use Google+ Groups for Business
Google+ Influencer Marketing

LinkedIn Marketing

Introduction to LinkedIn
LinkedIn Best Practices to Build Audience
Get Free LinkedIn Followers Fast & Easy!
Influencer Marketing Platform for LinkedIn
Get More LinkedIn Followers
The Do's and Don'ts of LinkedIn

Instagram Marketing Strategies

Introduction to Instagram
Instagram Best Practices to Build Audience
Get Free Instagram Followers Fast & Easy!
Influencer Marketing Platform for Instagram
Powerful Instagram Tools to Help You Get More Followers
The Do's and Don'ts of Instagram

YouTube Marketing Strategies

Introduction to YouTube
Planning Your YouTube Marketing Success
Best Practices To Optimize YouTube Channel
How to Monetize YouTube Videos
The Do's and Don't's of YouTube Marketing
How to Start a YouTube Channel
Ways to Optimize Your Business YouTube Channel

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