The COMPLETE Growth Hacking with Digital Marketing Course

Let us help you build the best digital marketing framework! The experts of Digital Marketing Drive (DMD) are striving to disseminate their pool of knowledge on an array of aspects of Growth Hacking to the enthusiastic individuals. If you want to be a valuable asset to a digital marketing team, you must grab the opportunity to learn Growth Hacking from a trusted and experienced firm like DMD. So what more you are waiting for? Enroll today and become a digital marketing ninja of tomorrow!

The demand for growth hacking has consistently been increasing, as it is the low-cost and efficient alternative to traditional marketing techniques. Today, it can see as a part of online marketing ecosystem. The businesses can grow fast if they learn to do lean analytics, web traffic metrics, digital conversion funnels, LTV & CAC calculations, social media, viral marketing, public relations, SEO, inbound marketing, & paid acquisition to keep the business growing rapidly.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Become an In-Demand Professional
  • Get Paid More Than Your Peers
  • You Can KickStart Your Own Career
  • Create, and Manage Your Own Digital Marketing Campaigns
  • Advertise Your Products And Services Online Effectively
  • Boost Traffic and Increase Sales to Your Website

Who Should Attend?

Marketing Managers & Executives

Earn your designation and increased confidence by successfully completing digital marketing course with us.

Career Changers

Seeking an exciting career in digital industry. Learn effective search engine marketing & optimization tactics & creative content strategies


To keep up with the pace of this growth, the digital marketing industry is now on a constant spree to hire digital marketing professionals.

Directors, Heads of Talent & Entrepreneurs

Aiming to upgrade digital talent and stay ahead of the curve. Discover best online practices to drive sales & increase customer engagement. 


Would you like to get a certificate from (Digital Marketing drive)?
If you are looking for growth through knowledge, you are at right place.
We will assists you in acquiring a thorough understanding of subject.


Successful applicants have enquiring minds and are not afraid to challenge the status quo.

Course Outline and Logistics

Knowing Your Audience and Growth Strategy

What is Growth Hacking?
Identifying - what your audience is actually searching for.
Concepts - Strategic Growth Marketing
Market Research - Creating Buyer or Marketing Personas for Your Business
How to adopt a growth hacker's mindset

Google Analytics

How Google Analytics Works
Designing Custom Analytics Dashboard
Understanding Source/Medium of Web Traffic
Understanding Users Demographics, Interests
Measuring - Traffic Volume, User Retention
Tracking Users Engagement & Behavior
Viewing Content, Referrals with Social Metrics
Reviewing SEO Feedback
Setup and Tracking Events, Goals
Adding Custom Campaign Tracking
How to Get the Most Value from Analytics

Think Lean - Don't Waste Efforts and Budget

Adapt the concept to lean marketing
Be Tactical and Practical - Experimenting for More Effective Marketing
Optional - How to Take Intelligent Risks
A Structured Approach to Data Analysis
Comparing Leading & Lagging Indicators
Analyzing Tactical Actions with New Inputs
Conducting A/B Testing & Ad-hoc Testing
Learn Measuring Using Lean Analytics

Build Conversion Funnel & Landing Pages

Considering User Behavioral as Sales Funnel
Conversion Funnels and User Flows
Setting up Custom Tangible Funnels Using GA
Explore UI/UX and Landing Pages
Design Responsive Landing Pages to Converts
Conversions Rate Optimization (CRO)
First Party Data to Improve Conversion Rate
Compelling Design for Better Collateral
Ways to Conversions Rate Optimization
Drawing Landing Page with Call to Action CTA

Lifetime Customer Value & Acquisition Cost

Essentials of Revenue Hacking
Calculation of LTV & CAC
Case Studies
Assign Credit for Sales & Conversions to Touch-points in Conversion Paths
Application Revenue Hacking using LTV, CAC

Online Community Development – Social Media & Viral Marketing

What is Viral Marketing?
Importance Of Social Media For Your Business
Myths About Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing And Your Website
Social Approach - Growth on Social Platforms
Social Reviews to Grow Your Business
How to Get 100,000 Followers on Social Media
Identify & Engage Lead Users in Community
An Introduction to Social Media Metrics
Tame Your Social Media Marketing Monster
The Advantages of Social Schedulers
UTM Tracking for Source Analysis

Basic Website SEO and Keyword Research

What is SEO?
Let’s Start With Your Website
SEO Settings
Custom robots.txt
SEO Optimize Tags:- Title, Description etc..
SEO Optimize Post Images
SEO Checklist for Content Marketing

Content Creation Basics

The Golden Rules Of Content Creation - Generate Viral Content That People will Click
How to Find Find the Themes and Market Trends for Content for  Creation
Engage Your Visitors with Hook in  Content.
Emotional Trigger to Catching Attention
Attention Speed-Bump Technique
The "skinny" on Building Trust and Credibility
Empowerment Through Case-Study Technique

Take a Crash Course in PPC Advertising

Introduction to PPC
Inner workings of search
Understanding the Anatomy of Search
Understanding Business Goals
Creating Campaign - Selecting Right Type
Geographical Targeting Settings
Setting Your Campaign Budget, Bid Strategy
Ad Delivery Preferences
Campaign Scheduling Options
Conversion Tracking
Keyword Jargon, Match Types
What are Negative Keywords
How to Structure Your Campaigns

PPC with AdWords

What is Google AdWords?
Adwords Keyword Tool/Planner
Adwords Setting up Campaign
Structuring Ad Groups and Campaigns
Creating Relevant Ads For Ad Groups
Setting Up Your AdWords Billing
Understanding Ad Rank, How to calculate
Quality Score of Landing Pages
Navigating The AdWords Dashboard
How To Edit, Pause And Enable Keywords, Ad Groups and Campaigns
Return On Investment (ROI) vs. Return On Ad Spend (ROAS): Important Distinction
How To Mathematically Calculate ROI
Campaign and Optimization

Email Marketing - the most powerful digital marketing tool for your Business

Introduction to Email Marketing
Defining goals & objectives of email campaign
Create Your Email Marketing Machine
How To Build an Email List of Customers
Analyze Your Data
Create the Content, People Want to Read
Set Up an Automated Drip Email Campaign
Effective Call to Actions
Create a Custom Email Segment
Testing Emails in Different platforms & A/B
Pros and Cons of Email marketing

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