Digital Marketing: Generate Sales Leads in 2016-2017

Learn how you can use Landing Pages, Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, and Email campaigns to generate more leads for business.
You also get a complete step-by-step Guide, an aid to launch your digital marketing plan to generate more sales leads for your company.

  • Understand the 6 pillars of lead generation
  • Build a sales funnel full of pre-qualified leads

Start a lead generation and converting prospects into loyal customers with us. Learn building a concrete lead generation pipeline that will sustain businesses for years to come.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • How to build a working sales funnel and score sales leads
  • Define lead generation goals and create customer personas
  • How to write value propositions, website & email content
  • How to generate leads using Calls to Action in a web page
  • How to conduct keyword research and handle SEO
  • How to conduct on-page search engine optimization
  • How to reduce the number of hours spent on creating content
  • How to create landing pages for campaigns
  • Analyze & optimize landing pages for improved conversions
  • How to generate leads through social networking sites
  • How to use email marketing software for running campaign
  • How to improve performance of email marketing campaigns

Who Should Attend?

Marketing Managers & Executives

Professionals seeking increased confidence and a more rounded understanding of digital or get more out of their digital channels.

Career Changers

Traditional marketers who want to fast-track their marketing career or seeking an exciting career in a creative and analytical industry.


Looking for a fast track into a competitive and fast changing industry.

Directors, Heads of Talent & Entrepreneurs

Anybody who is responsible for developing or implementing organization’s online strategy, aiming to upgrade their digital talent.


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Course Outline and Logistics

Digital Marketing Step By Step Course Introduction

Overview: How Digital Marketing Evolved & Technology Available To Work Smarter
Get the Right Mindset for Success


30 Day Course Completion Plan
Get on With Growing Your Business
Complete Digital Marketing Step by Step Guide
Your Lead Generation Workbook

Develop Right Mindset for Lead Generation

Introduction to Lead Generation
Essential Pillars of Digital Lead Generation –
Website, SEO, Content Marketing, Landing Pages, Social Media & Email Marketing
Set Lead Generation Goals
Calculate How Many Leads You Need to Nourish Healthy Sales Funnel
Defining Your Consumer Personas
Defining Your Sales Funnel
Different Touch-Points on Conversion Path from a Stranger to Trusted Client
Determine Qualified Lead Using CHAMP Model
What is Unique Value Propositions UVP
Some great UVP Examples
Write Your Very Own UVPs
Lead Generation Mindset Quiz

Landing Pages to Leads Generation

What are Landing Pages?
Anatomy of a High Converting Landing Pages
Coordinating Your Marketing Communications
Web Forms for Lead Generation
Landing Pages Content Writing
Landing Pages A/B Testing & Optimization
Great Landing Page Examples
Landing Page Quiz

Attract, Capture And Convert Visitor

Leads Generation on Your Website
Website Information Architecture
Structure And Organize Website Content For Maximum Effectiveness
Creating Effective Sitemap - Visual Planning
Anatomy of Lead Generation Webpage –
Navigation, CTA Calls to Action, Content Promotion, Trust Buildings
Writing Effective Lead Generating Copy
Data (Lead) Capture Through Website Forms
Introduction - CTA Calls to Action on Webpage
Contact Us - Collecting Minimum Viable Data
CTA - Gated Digital Asset
CTA - Live Chat
CTA - Free Tools to Engage Audience
CTA  - Subscriptions and Registration
CTA - Competitions
Using Blog for Lead Generation

Defeat your Competitors Using Content Marketing

Content Marketing an Introduction
Types of Content Can Be Made
Building Trust and Credibility with Prospects
Right Content for Right Audience at Right Time at Right Frequency
Content Generation and Frequency Strategy
Content Distribution Strategy
Content CTA Call To Actions
Interact and Respond to Your Audience
Performance Analysis - Content Metrics
Condense, Reprocess & Reutilize Content

Attract Prospects with SEO

Introduction - Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization Terminology
Keyword Research
Quality and Unique Content
Content is the King
Web On-page Optimization
Web Off-page Optimization
Link Building

How To Generate Leads Through Social Media - Checklists

Social Media for Online Lead Generation Introduction
Social-Emotional Indicators - Trust and Mindset
Lead Generation Guide Google +
Lead Generation Guide Facebook
Lead Generation Guide Twitter
Lead Generation Guide YouTube
Lead Generation Guide LinkedIn
Lead Generation Guide Instagram
Lead Generation Guide Pinterest
Social Media Quiz

Creating a Lead Nurturing Campaign that Moves Prospects to Clients Using Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing?
Types of Emails Marketing
Email Personalization
How to Personalize Your Emails
Writing Catchy Email Subject Lines
Writing Email Marketing Copy That Converts
Best Practices - Email Templates
How to Grow Your Email Marketing List
Targeted Email Marketing with Segmenting
Drip Feed Email Campaigns
Email Send Frequency
Email Marketing Metrics & KPIs That Matter

Advance Analytics

Identify Main Sources of Traffic to Website
Analyze Visitor Behaviour Overview
Nurture High Converting Traffic Sources
Identify Primary Markets & Uncover New Ones with Audience Reports
Use Analytics Data to Identify Your Ideal Customer
Prioritize Design and UI/UX Improvements
Resolve Technical Errors Blocking Sales

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