Be Growth Marketing Acquisition Specialist & Get Job

If you want to be in the digital marketing field, you should know in advance what the companies are expecting from such a professional. The professionals need to be armed with technical knowledge and be more analytical.
Now companies expect more than just 'Catchy Slogans' and watching over the Ad campaigns. Also, they expect their digital marketer to have the deeper understanding of their products and ability to influence results. You must know more than traditional marketing.

The course deals with core marketing fundamentals and advanced growth marketing strategies.
The first part of this course deals with basics & skills you will need to use in your daily work.
The second part deals with skills that you will need to secure a job, succeed in the marketplace, & achieve your personal growth.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Become an In-Demand Professional
  • Get Paid More Than Your Peers
  • You Can KickStart Your Own Career
  • Create, and Manage Your Own Digital Marketing Campaigns
  • Advertise Your Products And Services Online Effectively
  • Boost Traffic and Increase Sales to Your Website

Who Should Attend?

Marketing Managers & Executives

Seeking increased confidence and a more rounded understanding of digital marketing.

Career Changers

Seeking an exciting career in a creative and analytical industry. Better Job opportunities in Digital Domain. 


Looking for a fast track into a competitive and fast changing industry. A Better and Improved CV for Better Job Opportunities.

Directors & Heads of Talent & Entrepreneurs

Aiming to upgrade digital talent and stay ahead of the curve. Business Growth Opportunities.


Would you like to get a certificate from (Digital Marketing drive)?
If you are looking for growth through knowledge, you are at right place.
We will assists you in acquiring a thorough understanding of subject.

Course Outline and Logistics


Course Overview
Kick Start – Perform Competitive Auditing
Competitor Analysis & Benchmarking
Guide How to Use Above Audit to Pinpoint and Outsmart Your Competitors
How to Get the Most Out of the Course

General Concepts

Marketing Channels – an Introduction
Top Marketing Channels That Deliver the Biggest Impact on Return on Investment ROI
Strategic Marketing Channel Management
[ASSIGNMENT] Key Marketing Channels to Grow Your Website Traffic & Increase Leads
Introduction to Marketing Funnel
Examples of Funnels
How to Create a Marketing Funnel That Generates Sales

General Skills

Psychological Triggers that Grow Sales and Influence Customers
[ASSIGNMENT] Basic Customers Psychology
Understanding Data and Analytics
Customer Lifetime Value LTV
Customer Acquisition Cost CAC
Customer Segmentation
Essentials of Revenue Hacking
Calculation of LTV & CAC
Assign Credit for Sales & Conversions to Touch-points in Conversion Paths
Application Revenue Hacking using LTV, CAC
Case Studies

Job Specified Digital Skills

Digital Marketing Skills that Employers Seek in Job Applicants
Google Analytics - How to Interpret Data using GA & Turbocharge Your Website Performance
What is Pay Per Click - PPC
Google AdWords - Boost Sales and Build Your Business Online
Facebook Advertising
Email Marketing

Looking & Applying to Jobs

Finding Your Job
Where to Search for Digital Marketing Jobs
Narrow Down the List of Companies You'd Like to Work For
List 1-3 Companies You'd Like to Work For
Strategies for Coming in Contact With the Companies You're Targeting

Google Analytics

Google Analytics Introduction
Account Settings in Brief
Using Google Analytics Reports
Report Date Picker
Creating Annotations in Reports
Viewing Graphic Reports
Report Walkthroughs
Creating and Editing Dashboards
Using Intelligence Events
Audience Report Walkthroughs
Demographics and Interests Report
Technology and Mobile Reports
Acquisition Report Walkthroughs
Overview, Channels & All Traffic
Social & Search Engine Optimization Reports
Behavior Report Walkthroughs
Overview & Behavior Flow Reports
Site Search & Events Reports
Conversion Report Walkthroughs
Goals & Ecommerce
Multi-Channel Funnels & Attribution

Google AdWords

Google AdWords Introduction
Campaign & Ad Group Fundamentals
Targeting and Bidding & Budgeting
Walk Through: Adding Conversion Tracking
Ad Extensions
Creating Search Network Ads
Adding Keywords
Walk Through: Keyword Match Types
Adding Negative Keywords
Walk Through: Dynamic Keyword Insertion
Walk Through: Competitive Research
Google Keyword Planner
Walk Through: Using Google Analytics for Keyword Research
Optimization Overview
Optimizing Campaign Settings
Optimizing Through A/B Testing
Optimizing with Ad Extensions
Optimizing Click Through Rates
Optimizing with Negative Keywords


Intro to Facebook Marketing
How to Modify Facebook Layout
Setting Up Your Facebook Ads Account
Manage People, Pages & Ad Accounts in Business Manager
Understanding Billing & Manage Payments
How to Use Facebook Audience Insights & Power Editor
Facebook Ads Conversion Tracking With Teespring Integration

Facebook Cont..

Knowing Audiences with Teespring Integration
Thoroughly Understanding Campaigns > Ad Sets > Ads
Accessing Your FB Account History
Introducing Ads Manager App
Page Post Engagement PPE Ads
Clicks To Website CTW Ads
Website Conversions Ad Set Up
Other Ad Types in FB
Creating Striking Clickable Ad Images
Using Audience Insights for Improved Results
A look at Insights - Understanding your Page
Case Study
Analyze FB Campaign
Scaling FB Campaign

Email Marketing

Introduction to Email Marketing
Lifecycle Email Marketing
Key Metrics in Email Marketing
How to Interpret Email Marketing Metrics
Real Examples of Email Marketing Campaigns
Getting Started - Mailchimp    
Set up Account     
Navigating the Mailchimp Dashboard
Creating Your E-mail List    
How to import an Existing e-mail List You Have into Mailchimp
How To Import Contacts From An Excel Sheet
Create a Template for Your E-mails    
Craft Your First E-mail
Email Subject Lines
Email Copywriting
HTML Emails vs. Plain Text Emails
Track Your E-mail Performance
Using Google Analytics with Mailchimp : How to Track Who is Clicking Through

How to Sell Yourself in Your Resume

How to Write Your First Resume
Building Your Marketing Portfolio
Building Your Audience
How Much Are You Worth to Employers?

Killing the Interview

Crush that Job Interview
Interview Questions You Should Expect, and How To Answer
More about Interviews
Use the Briefcase Technique to Negotiate a Higher Salary

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