Digital Marketing & Sales Funnel Blueprint For Increasing ROI!

No many buyers get connected to direct sales approach anymore; this is where complete digital marketing & sales funnel blueprint comes in. This approach brings a series of non-pushy steps that ultimately results in the increasing traffic to your website. It is the latest marketing strategy that everyone must use to get maximum traffic to their web & convert them into leads.  
If you one of them who wants to design an automated sales funnel and see how to drive traffic to any website by using Google AdWords, Facebook ads, and YouTube advertising, this course is of your interest for sure!

The funnels designed by the team of Digital Marketing Drive (DMD) have been tested massively to give you the experience that you have never seen before. We want you to ensure that you comprehend how the funnel works and how it helps create a successful business. This course has been designed to help you understand the minute details of methods of funnels & gives you insight you need to embed it with your marketing strategy.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Become an In-Demand Professional
  • Get Paid More Than Your Peers
  • You Can KickStart Your Own Career
  • Create, and Manage Your Own Digital Marketing Campaigns
  • Advertise Your Products And Services Online Effectively
  • Boost Traffic and Increase Sales to Your Website

Who Should Attend?

Marketing Managers & Executives

Professionals seeking increased confidence and a more rounded understanding of digital or get more out of their digital channels.

Career Changers

Traditional marketers who want to fast-track their marketing career or seeking an exciting career in a creative and analytical industry.


Students who want to gain knowledge on Digital Marketing & increase their job opportunities into a competitive and fast changing industry.

Directors, Heads of Talent & Entrepreneurs

Anybody who is responsible for developing or implementing organization’s online strategy, aiming to upgrade their digital talent.


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Course Outline and Logistics


Highest ROI case study
Millionaire's Road-map Introduction
Strategic View of the Entire Tactical Path

Important Background

Top Things to Do to Transition your business into Digital Marketing
A-Z Terminology- Understand Any New Words
Quiz 1     
A Marketing Self-Assessment

The 3 Magic Ingredients of Digital Marketing!

First Magic Ingredient Revealed to Make Your Campaign Successful.
Second Magic Ingredient Revealed Here - Needed for a Successful Marketing Campaign
Third Magic Ingredient Revealed Here - Take Your Business to Next Level.  Quiz 2

Sales Funnel

What is a Sales Funnel?
Your Ideal Customer
Structure Of Customer Acquisition Funnels
The #1 Mistake You Should Avoid

Data Engineering - A Wining Approach

Market Research - Systematic Gathering & Interpretation of Information - Before Start Marketing Campaign
Validating Market – Make Sure Does Anyone Interested in Your Offer? Analyze Why Did Your Previous Campaign Fail?
Analytics - Turning Insights into Action - Why Analytics is Important
Researching Competition & Target Market

Funnel That Converts Prospects into Customers

Automated Funnels - Introduction
Types of Funnels - Their Purpose
Leads Generating Funnel Vs Funnel that Convert Prospects into Customers
Automation - Selling Your Customers Again and Again Over the Time.
Case Study
Designing Products or Services You Will Include in Your Funnel

Getting Highly Quality Traffic Through Google AdWords

What You Can Do With Google AdWords?
Picking Product That Deserves High Organic Placement On Search Engine Result Page
Decide an Offer on Keywords With Low Competition & High Search Volume
Creating Search Network Campaign
Creating Ad Groups and Ads in a Google AdWords Search Campaign
Affiliate 3rd Party Tracking
Conversion Tracking - Measure Success
Understand Ad Rank in Google AdWords
Review Campaign Next Day - Pause Keywords, Determine Quality Score.
Using Ad Extensions to Increase #1 Position Click Through Rate CTR
Review Campaign - Making a Plan to Scale

Traffic - Misunderstood Topics Explained

Introduction of Traffic Driving  
Secret - Surprisingly, Almost No-One Does This
Categorize Different Traffic – Why Important?
Matching Traffic Temperatures with Traffic Channels - Understand Why Your Earlier Campaigns Didn’t Convert well
Your Custom Audience Instructions
Getting Started with FB Custom Audiences

Using Video Ads in Google AdWords & YouTube as Organic Traffic

Video Ads in Google AdWords
Creating Video Ads
Managing Video Ads
Measuring ROI
Optimizing Video Advertising Campaigns
How to Quickly Copy a Campaign for Sales into $0.01 Views Globally
YouTube as the Best Organic Traffic Source

Making Facebook Ads for Branding, Sharing, Sales

Facebook Advertising Overview
Understand Different Facebook Ad Types
How to Target Your Ads on Facebook
How Facebook Ads Work
How to Set up an Advertising Account
Facebook Advertising Structure
How to Choose an Ad Campaign
How to Create Facebook Ads
Identify Your Primary Audience
Refine Your Audience With Behavior Targeting
Choose a Budget for Your Ads
Choose Your Ad Creative
Write Your Ad Content
Place Your Ad Order
Manage Ad Placements
Additional Advertising Options
How to Get More Page Likes
How to Boost Your Page Posts
How to Manage Existing Ads and Campaigns
View Your Advertising Data
How to Create Advertising Reports
How to Schedule Advertising Reports
View Your Advertising Data
How to Create Advertising Reports
How to Schedule Advertising Reports

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